What is the Collective Charm?

Collective Charm is the Chippewa Valley’s #1 Voted “Antique/Old Stuff Shop”. We are a unique Marketplace that features Antique, Vintage, Upcycled and Restored collectible items. Our 12,000 square foot store is filled with over 60+ diverse merchants dedicated to bringing you one-of-a-kind items. Each booth is carefully curated and stocked often so you are sure to find something new each time you visit!

When are you open?

The store is open seven days a week! Visit us Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturdays from 10am-4pm and Sundays from noon-4pm.

Where are you located?

You can find our store just off of Bridge Street in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Our address is 16 W. Columbia Street, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.

How often does the store get new merchandise?

Daily! Our fantastic group of over 60+ merchants pride themselves in bringing new and exciting treasures to the store weekly. You’re guaranteed to always find something new!

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. Given the unique nature of antique and vintage items, there may be some signs of use, wear, or even damage. Our merchants do their best to point out imperfections and price accordingly, but we highly recommend taking a detailed look at items before purchase.

What is your "hold" policy?

We are happy to place items on hold for 24 hours. If the item is not purchased after 24 hours it will be put back onto the floor to allow other customers an opportunity to purchase it. If you can’t get an item off your mind after visiting, or see something online that you can’t live without we are happy to take a credit card payment over the phone. Please note all sales are final and we will do our best to point out any noticeable flaws before completing the transaction.

Do you have shopping carts available?

Given the nature of our store, we unfortunately do not have shopping carts, but our staff is always happy to take your merchandise to the counter while you continue to shop. We pride ourselves on customer service and want you to be comfortable while you look at the thousands of items in our store, so don’t be surprised if you get asked more than once during your visit!  

How do I become a merchant at your store?

Please submit an application by clicking the link HERE! We currently have a waiting list but are anxious to receive your information. Our waitlist is not first-come, first-serve and wait times for a booth depend on booth size requested, type & quality of merchandise, what type of merchandise is currently available in the store already, and other factors. Before applying, please be aware that our merchants must make a firm commitment to finding antique, vintage, and upcycled merchandise, providing it at great prices to our customers, and stocking their booths no less than two times per month. 

Do you buy antique / vintage items or offer consignment?

We are currently not purchasing items, but do offer consignment on furniture items. The consignment breakdown is 45% (Collective Charm), 55% (Consignor). Furniture items must be valued at $100+, be in good condition/working order and have no odors. If an item on consignment does not sell within three months we request that you remove it from our store, or we are happy to donate it to local area non-profits. Once an item sells you will receive a payout at the end of the month that will be mailed to you. If you think you have furniture we might be interested in, please email us a photo and thoughts on the price you’d like to sell it for to collectivecharm@outlook.com

Do you deliver?

Unfortunately, we do not, but we are happy to hold large furniture items for up to 5 days while you make arrangements for pick up. There is also a U-Haul conveniently located about ten minutes from the store.

Do you offer appraisals?

Unfortunately, no-as we are not certified Appraisers.  

How do booth rentals work?

Our booths are rented by the square foot and include access to an outlet, unless specified. The current price per square foot is $3.00-$3.50 depending on location. You receive 100% of your profits less credit card processing fees. Sales tax is
submitted on your behalf by Collective Charm.